Time-slot Booking Manager

If you need your clients to pre-book a time-slot for an appointment, Time-slot is the perfect tool. It's completely configurable and can even handle payments.

Live Demo

The calendar below is setup to demo three ways it can be used.

Personal Appointments

Set at hourly intervals from 9am with an hour for lunch. No charge has been applied to the slots. Max 1 person per time-slot.

Meeting Room

Set up for a meeting room availablew twice a day, 10am & 2pm. No charge applied to each time slot. Max 5 person per time-slot.

Delivery Slots

Set up at 30min intervals each even from 6pm with a charge of €5 per slot. Max 1 delivery per time-slot.


Time-slot Booking Manager

If you need your clients to pre-book a time slot, perhaps for a meeting, or to see a sales consultant, or to use a room or facility, Time-slot is the perfect online tool that completely automates the entire process, even taking full or part-payments if you wish.

Time-slot is entirely configurable. You can set the working hours, lunch breaks and days off. Time slots can be set at anything from 10mins to 12 hours.

The number of bookings per time slot can be defined from 1 to 1000. So if five people can book a single time slot, set the number of available bookings to 5.

Time-slot can handle multiple calendars, so if you have a team of five people, each can run their own calendar. Or if you have three rooms to hire, you can run three calendars.

Finally, if required, Time-slot can take payments to confirm time slot bookings, with payment processing via many online payment gateways or Paypal.

Key Features

  • Easy to configure to your precise needs
  • Multiple calendars for many people or facilities
  • Set work times and length of time slots
  • Set individual lunchbreaks
  • Take online payment if required

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