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AI Generated Blog Posts

Personalised AI Generated Blog Posts

AI is all over the news at the moment. Most of it all sounds like nonsense, but the current level of artificial intelligence (AI) does have some very useful applications for any business with a website.

Manage Your Digital Footprint

Sort Out Your Digital Footprint

"Digital footprint" describes all the things your business should be doing online if you want to use your online activities to help drive your business. Many do some, few do them all.

Email Warmup

Gmail And DKIM Records

Gmail (Google) is the single biggest email service used. So when they make a change to how things work, if you want your email to get to your recipients you MUST take notice.

Email Warmup

Email Marketing And Email Warmup

If you are sending bulk emails (email marketing) it's vital you warm up your "from" email address first. It makes the difference between landing in inboxes or spam!

eurovision Uk 2023 domain names for sale

eurovision UK 2023 Domain Names For Sale

I never thought I'd be posting to this blog about the Eurovision Song Contest, but we live in strange times, and so here we are! For sale: and

Simple Store Ecommerce Platform

Simple Store V2 Is Go!

Simple Store is the Caffeine Injection in-house ecommerce system, designed to be simple and easy for anyone to get a great online store up and running quickly and cheaply. It's just been updated to version 2.

Google My Business Manage

Google My Business Case Studies

Google My Business (GMB) is a great tool for getting your business on the first page of results. We offer a complete GMB management service. here are two recent case studies.

Are cheap websites any good?

There Will Always Be Someone Cheaper

When it comes to websites, there will always be someone cheaper. MUCH cheaper! But the question is, would you trust them?

Google Analytics Banned EU

Google Analytics Banned In Austria

I know, you're thinking: "What is Google Analytics and anyway, this doesn't affect me as I'm not in Austria." But read on. This most likely DOES, and you could be fined.

Optimise pictures for your website

Processing Images For Websites Part 2

In part two of the processing images for the web, we cover using online tools to edit your images. To keep things simple we've made a how-to video.

Promote a blog post on Facebook

Promote A Blog On Social Media

Promoting your blog posts on social media seems obvious, but many forget, and those that do often do it wrong. Here's a quick video covering the basics.

Optimise pictures for your website

Processing Images For Websites Part 1

Websites need images, but getting them ready for your website is a bit of a black art. Over two posts, I will cover why processing your images is essential, and in the next, how to do it.

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