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Building websites and helping small businesses grow their online footprint since 2001.

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today


How It Started

In 2001 a guy called Steve wanted to sell online. Back then, getting a website was silly money, so he learnt to do it himself.

After a while, he started helping others get their businesses online. Eventually, this took up all his time, so caffeine Injection was born.

Learnt The Hard Way

(by doing it)

Real-world Experience

Steve didn't learn about websites and online marketing from a book but by doing it. For over a decade with his own money.

This background brings a wealth of real-world experience, placing Caffeine Injection in an almost unique position, able to help others with big ideas but limited budgets realise their goals.

Small Is Beautiful

(and cheap too!)

Small Team Low Prices

We don't have a large team of full-timers. We have a small group of core people, supported by a team of freelancers who are bought onboard as projects demand.

We don't have swanky offices. All our team work remotely.

This means our overheads are low, which reflects in our prices.

Our Motto


It's All About You

Many designers use the sites they make to showcase their skills. Meaning you end up with something that might look amazing but doesn't deliver.

We approach our projects differently. You, your services and what you have to sell always takes centre stage in everything we do. Not fancy effects.

Our motto is keep it simple & straightforward (KISS).

Ollie The Boss Dog

(And Steve)

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