Email Marketing

Graphics rich bulk email marketing campaigns. Created, distributed and monitored for you. With real-time results.

The Challenge

Email Campaigns are cost-effective at getting your message in front of clients & leads.

The challenge is creating a campaign that is engaging & attractive AND renders correctly across all devices.

The Solution

We've been producing great looking campaigns that work on all devices for over ten years.

Our campaigns are tested to work with Gmail, Yahoo, Live, Outlook, Apple Mail, Android mail and all the popular clients.

Cost Effective

Our fully-managed email marketing services cost as little as 2.5p / 3c per recipient to send an engaging email campaign to 20,000 individual addresses.

Compare that to Mailchimp who charge four times the price, and you still have to do all the work!

Fully Managed

We take your ideas and turn them into an engaging email campaign. We then send it to your mailing list, handling all unsubscribes, bounces and SPAM reports.

All you have to do is log in and check the results.

GDPR Compliant

We understand the entire GDPR process and ensure your campaigns remains within the regulations 100%

We know the tricks to keep your campaigns out of SPAM and in front of the recipient.

Our Mail Server

Sending bulk email via your email account is a fast-track to ending up in SPAM. Not just your campaigns but ALL emails.

We send campaigns via our servers, protecting your domain reputation and ensuring a better chance of your mail hitting their target.

Industry Standard Software

Our campaign management platform is industry standard and complies with all local regulations.

You get your login dashboard to monitor everything in real-time.

List Management

We can manage your mailing lists and subscription process from website signup boxes to subscription URL.

We also manage all unsubscribe and removal requests.

Mailing Lists

If you don't have a mailing list we can help.

We can source business sector curated generic email address lists from £100 / €120. Or lists targetting by individuals, positions, company size and sector from 30p per record.

All our lists are GDPR complient.

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